Chem Kid

My capstone project is a science kit for children who are in third to fifth grade. This kit will be proposed to act as a subscription through the American Chemical Society that will be sent to the subscriber once every three months. The goal is to grab the minds of young children so they can dream of one day becoming a chemist. 

Chemistry is vital to our everyday lives. We therefore need to inspire young children to become the next generation of chemists. There is a trend that children have their eyes glued to a screen whether it is a phone, or a tablet. They play games to keep themselves busy, but there was a time when children used a cardboard box as a rocket ship. They flew to the moon during lunch, and their imagination could take them anywhere they wanted to go. There are not as many children being inspired to one day becoming chemists. It’s time that we re-inspire children to have that aspiration. 

There will be one science experiment per kit. The kit will come in a cardboard box with at least four times the supplies needed. The reason for this is so that the science kit can be kept and re-used. In each kit will be instructions on how to go about doing the experiment, and all the tools necessary to do it, as well as the tools needed. They will also get a periodic table poster and another poster with facts about periodic elements in everyday items.