Dante Typeface

Dante is a display typeface based off the natural phenomena of decay. The book Dante's Inferno by Dante Alighieri served as inspiration for the typeface's process book, which takes you through the nine circles of hell. The book was also designed to look like a canto, taking you through the steps taken to develop this typeface.

I initially approached this project by sketching out letterforms inspired by spooky and creepy themes, such as Halloween and spider webs. However, I wasn't quite getting the feeling I wanted to express through pencil and paper. I began to experiment with a hot glue gun, analyzing the ways in which the glue melts and reacts with paper. Its gooey and oozy properties led me to experiment with creating letterforms with it, trying to find a balance between the glue's messiness and a letterform's structure. After satisfied with the versions in hot glue, I scanned each letter and rendered them. However, rendering wasn't simply tracking outlines. That would never capture the oozy feeling I aimed for. It took me around thirty minutes to fully render each individual letter, adding all of its shadows and highlights and staying true to the glue's form.