Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacific came to our school and proposed a project that required a collaboration of different majors. The challenge that Georgia Pacific presented was that they are seeking a new-to-the-industry e-commerce package/shipping package that delivers a product from an e-tailer to the consumer. Georgia Pacific would like a package that: delights their customers, serves as a marketing vehicle, adds functionality, is easy and convenient to open, unique and innovative, focuses on creating secondary packaging, is sustainable or recyclable, reduces cost, and streamline.

As a group of 6, composed of graphic designers, engineers, a business student and an industrial designer, we brainstormed about problems that already exist in boxes currently used. One of the problems we thought was most significant was waste of cardboard and material, and lack of reusability. With field research and observing how people interact with their packages, we narrowed down our box concept. Lots of sketches, creating templates, paper mock-ups to then cardboard mock-ups led us to our final concept.

Our solution is a modular box, which comes from a long sheet of cardboard that can be cut to size to fit a specific need of a package. This way a box to fit the specific product is used rather than a larger box that would cause greater waste. Our box also has a branding opportunity, allowing for a repeated pattern to go on the inside, which can be for decoration and gifts or for a company to showcase their brand. Also with the inclusion of RFID tags, it would significantly improve tracking and safety of packages.