Heineken RFK Stadium 

Heineken has resourced Dynamic Advertising Solutions (DAS) for many of their print promotional needs. Large projects include an install at the Washington D.C.’s Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium (RFK Stadium.) 

DAS was entrusted with the entire installation and managed on-site production from the beginning, including measurements, 3D renderings, and the design. After obtaining all the correct information we created templates for each location. This allowed us to visualize how big of an area we needed to cover, and how far apart each installation was going to be from each other.

Our goal was to create wraps in four different stadium locations using both Heineken and D.C. United’s respective brands. We also needed to keep the elements used in each location similar to create an overall look. One task was to find a color palette that would compliment both brands. Luckily this was the easy part as both brands shared similar color schemes: red, black, and white. A challenge that we faced was trying to combine different elements of each brand to become a cohesive design. The final design was produced and installed at the RFK stadium. DAS was also asked to update these designs in 2016 with the new D.C. United logos.