Masonville Cove

Masonville Cove was an industry sponsored project. It is an Environment Educational Center located in Baltimore, MD. It is an urban wildlife conservation area that was created to restore a neglected part of the bay. For more information visit their website.

For this particular solution I focused on contributors for Masonville Cove. The publication targets donors specifically, as it allows them to understand the importance of Masonville Cove. It takes the reader through a cycle of how industry and nature bridge with one another.

As for the campaign part of this design solution, it is targeted more towards donors, but also to the general public to raise awareness of Masonville Cove and the bridge between industry and nature. Along with the publication and campaign there is also an app linked with the design solution. It is a donation app that anyone can download and use to donate from personal or business accounts. It allows the user to track their activity as well as giving access to services such as contact info, location and other forms of information.