Pen The City

Dynamic Advertising Solutions, Inc. (DAS) is a promotional marketing and advertising firm headquartered in Philadelphia. DAS communicates your brand to the world flawlessly through every medium, and utilizes our network of experts to save you valuable resources.

DAS wanted to make an outreach to Philadelphia restaurants before restaurant week. The challenge was to find a promotional product that both restaurants and costumers would use. Additionally, the promotional product would be passed from waiter to hungry customer. Well, the most important tool to a server is a writing utensil, also known as a pen. Pens are taken from restaurants all the time, even if inadvertently. This product, the pen, was the perfect way to send our campaign to more than just one target audience.

There were three different platforms used for this campaign: a pen, a website, and our very own menu of products. The Philadelphia DAS personnel actively passed out the pens and menus to restaurants across Philadelphia before Restaurant Week. We kept track of the website activity to see if the campaign had gotten attention. After a few days we noticed people checking out the Pen The City website in addition to the normal DAS website.

Check the Website out here.