TitleIX Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is an important and major topic, but one of the most important places for this topic to be brought up is college campuses. I, along with 8 other designers, was given the task to start raising awareness of sexual violence on the Philadelphia University college campus.

Some graphic designers worked on poster series that could have a uniform look based off the general idea and logo. I on the other hand worked on the mobile website, the five taglines, and the other small items that went along with this campaign.

The mobile website allows a person to immediately report a sexual violence incident, or get help after an incident has happened. It is meant to allow any user to get the help they need with just the click of a button. 

The buttons and stickers that were created are to raise awareness about the sexual violence campaign taking place at Philadelphia University.

Lastly, the taglines are the main five taglines that are used throughout the entire campaign. They are used at the bottom of posters and flyers, and at the end of some PSA animations.

This project became a Merit Award Winner in 2015 Graphis New Talent Design Annual. Check it out here. It also won Award for Excellence for Campaign, and Award for excellence for Identity in University & College designers Associations 45th Annual Design Competition.