Vintage Wax

Vintage Wax is a candle company. This was a packaging design that had to work as a system. Vintage Wax targets an older demographic, ages 60 years and up. Because of this older demographic, there was a need to have an interesting theme overall. The theme I went with was burlesque. There were three candles for the three different ages of burlesque: comedic, intermediate, and sexy. Each candle featured an age in its scent and description.

The packaging was made to have a snap top so that it would easily open and close. It was made so that the candle, and its corresponding match box, would be able to fit inside. I also had to find an interesting holder for the candle I had to create, so that it would match the overall design. I looked for a long time until I found something that would work, then it stared me right in the eye. It was a perfect holder. Might I add that making and scenting a candle is not easy work.